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You should have received your Referee CODE (used above) and KEY in an auto-generated e-mail from the applicant. If you do not have this, please contact the applicant. If you have problems with this site or the process submitting a letter of support, please contact Center for Advanced Study at (217) 333-6729.

Instructions to Referees

The Center for Advanced Study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign encourages creative achievement and scholarship among its faculty by providing release time as Associates (tenured faculty) or Fellows (untenured faculty) in the Center. Selected in an annual campus-wide competition, faculty are released from classroom teaching to carry out a research activity described in the statement of plans submitted to the Center.


Referee Selection Criteria

We would like your candid and critical appraisal of the faculty member and his/her statement of plans. Please address the following:
   —Significance of the proposed project
   —Quality of the plans to carry it out

Specifically evaluate the applicant as follows:
   —Accomplishment in areas related to the proposed work
   —Comparison of applicant with others within and across disciplinary and professional areas