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Arnold O. Beckman Lecture in Research & Innovation

Applications Due:

 – Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Letters Due:

 – Tuesday, October 02, 2018


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Liesel Wildhagen is the Public Events Coordinator for this program. You may contact her at 333-6729.

CAS: Arnold O. Beckman
Lecture in Research & Innovation

The George A. Miller Programs Committee accepts applications for a $3500 grant to invite a speaker to deliver the Arnold O. Beckman Lecture. The University of Illinois campus Research Board established this lecture series in 1982 to reflect the character and career of Arnold O. Beckman. Dr. Beckman's career provides notable examples of the process by which fundamental discovery is translated into products for general societal use. The series is designed to emphasize the benefits of basic research as reflected in the development of new technology and in the general economic benefit to society.

In addition to the lump-sum grant, the Center's staff handles production and publicity for the lecture and pays these expenses. All arrangements with the lecturer and any additional costs are the responsibility of the host department. Note that the host department is expected to obtain a copy of the lecture for publication in the Annual Report of the Beckman Endowment (no contravening restriction).

Selection Criteria

A Beckman lecturer is distinguished by (a) demonstrating a capacity not only for basic discovery but also for the management needed to develop commercially successful products or (b) contributing in an important way to theoretical studies of the process by which basic discovery is translated into commercial applications or into some new understanding of the social aspects of this process.